The Metrofuze Presents The House Singles album is now on Bandcamp 

Metrofuze Records Presents The House Singles Collection, Vol. One has now landed in BANDCAMP to offer easier downloads with more options to get high quality versions.
Go listen and play these at your underground venue. Not for the light-hearted. Beats are bangin!


We have Fel Son Drive on Bandcamp 

Fel Son Drive fans, we have the Fel Son Drive album on Bandcamp. We have added two new mixes. We like Bandcamp because it has options to download our music in different formats. Enjoy the music...

Feeding A Mood Working on New EP and Remixes  

Feeding A Mood is working on a new EP called "All You Got To Do (Is Love A Little Bit More)" which is a collection of the original track and remixes by some of LA's local DJ/Producers.

You can hear and download the original underground dance track at 320 kbps here.

Release date of EP is scheduled for April 7th, 2014.

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Visit Feeding A Mood at:


New project by Feeding A Mood completed 

Here is the fruit of our labor regarding our new project featuring new music, video, art, and social commentary.
The project is called, "Don't Touch Me (You're Not My…)".

It is a social commentary on what we have seen in our society and media regarding child sexual and physical exploitation and abuse by people in authority that we are supposed to be able to trust with our children, nieces, and nephews.

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Feeding A Mood

Cinco Four Fingers (Cuatro Four Mix)


Feeding a Mood Feat. Sophie Meharenna

Mosaic for You (single)

Feeding A Mood
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The House Singles Collection Volume One
Metrofuze Records (Various Artists)


The cosmic b-boy meets the spiritual shaman forming Fel Son Drive, an elite group of producers, composers, artists, and philosophers. Experimenting with sounds all in the pursuit of originality.
Intense wanted to take his own style to an even higher level with the new sounds of hard house. As one of Los Angeles' native hard house producers, he continues to push the envelope, taking hard house to new levels that have even reached the turntables of DJs in Europe
Welcome. Fuzelab delves into the various aspects of Club, Dance, Hard House, Progressive House, Techno.
"Welcome to the full force of the hard-hitting music of LA's newest Progressive-Punk-Rock band, O-V-E-R-L-O-D-E. This four-piece band was formed in 1999, and originated out of Southern California. They officially became Overlode in 2000.
Young Diamyn creates music that is influenced by Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, R&B
Greys Vehicle focuses more on creating songs that are influenced by Jungle, Drum and Bass, Electronica, and Trip Hop.
This is an adventure into the creative spirit, where I get lost for days as I step through the veil of the every day world of flesh and bone into the ethereal dream of an alter reality. Listening to the voice that helps connect to the universal truths found in the spirit of the natural world. With guitars, synths, technology, beats, and grittiness. Looking to feed a new mood that will carry me to the next day and the next dream. Awakened from that reality with a new birth.
Works in the Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, and Electronica styles

Idle Speck is the indie, punk, band experimenting with new sounds. They're currently idle. But you can listen to their track "Muchachita Bonita" on their jukebox.
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