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      Welcome to the full force of the hard-hitting music of LA's newest Progressive-Punk-Rock band, O-V-E-R-L-O-D-E. This four-piece (sometimes 5) band was formed in 1999, and originated out of Southern California. They officially became Overlode in 2000. The members consist of Chep (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), JR (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Anthony (Bass Guitar), Enrique (Drums and Guitar) and Harry (Drums/Percussion and Backing Vocals). They have a hard-gritty punk energy and soulful new alternative music exhibiting a diverse sound. Seeing them live, however, is the best way to experience this band. The band's high-energy drive combined with the theatrical performance of the charismatic frontman, Chep, grabs the attention of the audience, especially if they "didn't see it coming" -JM

The new album Never Saw It Coming is now here! 

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OVERLODE: Never Saw It Coming

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