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  1. Fluckles

From the recording Never Saw It Coming

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By Overlode



Oh my God it’s been so long from that last time I have seen you

Never thought I see your face but I’m really glad we met

Here’s the situation cause it’s getting kind of closer

Never thought I see the end but I'm really glad we met

Dying in a world of...disgust me

Cause he dwells on me


Oh my how I’ve grown so hollow deep inside I’m burning red

Feel the engine as it struggles maybe this can be the end

Drowning in a world of despair me

Cause he dwells on me


Everybody wants everybody needs everybody prays and everybody sings

Everybody in a while needs a little love

Comfort from the one they call the maker of the world

Falling through the open grounds so we call holy life

Situation getting harder every time I fall behind

Oh my God I can’t believe he opened up his eyes

The conformity for every man can be more than delight

Why! Me! Fluckles!!!

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