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These faithless dreams that show your need to me
The silent thoughts escape ready to receive
You come to find the reasons for their path
And making no mistake it's love you've found at last

Dream your way bring your soul to me
Your following my voice through moonlit streets
Sadness fades in closing your eyes
Through night and day they find your way

I catch your dreams as they fall to me
They come like shooting stars making us believe
Hear your name which I call in sleep
You come to where you feel these hopes will meet

Seek the truth here in my soul
Your trembling mind is burning to know
Have I found an end to a dream?
In hoping to know you come to me

Come to Me

Find your way to me
Show me what you need
In the dark you know
In the dark it shows

Leave your sin behind
Come to me to find
Your peace of mind
I'll make you mine


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